About AutoShoot

Welcome to AutoShoot!

– An app designed to help you presenting and selling your car.

Your new digital car photo editing tool, simplifying and economizing your car sale.



How does AutoShoot optimize my photo and sales process?

The logistics in having a larger fleet, the car wash, the car preparation and the expensive square meters in the shop are past.

With this tool you shoot the photo, wherever your car may be. You can even ask your car preparation supplier to shoot the photos for you and then afterwards fit them into your concept.


The result?

The final result is unique and identifiable sales photos of your car, with a changed background and by that a photo without any disturbing background noise.

Furthermore you will save expensive time by minimizing the process and the time on stock.


Is AutoShoot a groundbreaking technology?

Yes and no… To shoot photos of cars with a cell phone is not innovative, but the way has been optimized in several parameters.

All of it just to ease you work and selling your car faster.

See what the app offers!

How was AutoShoot invented?

Through several years within the automotive business and a constant curiosity and desire to challenge thinking and acting, AutoShoot was founded in 2017.

The automotive business is huge – not only in Denmark but in the whole world. That is why it is a branch where especially the manufacturers strive to be first movers within the field of various technologies. Even though the branch is constantly in motion, it is still very traditional in its process, which shows daily, whether we are talking sales, repairing, car preparation, logistics etc.

Exactly the thought of making up with the traditional thinking is an exciting challenge. Imagine breaking the patterns of the business with a modern product as AutoShoot, that benefits everyone, both buyer and seller, visually as economically.

AutoShoot was created with the intend of using the tools, that you already and always keep on you as cell phones, tablets and desktops and in that way simplifying car trade – and in addition to that with an economically optimization.

The result was the groundbreaking AutoShoot app, which makes it easier and faster to shoot sales photos of the car thanks to an app, which in record time starts the car selling process – even when you are not in your office, where you normally handle and spend time on the process.

AutoShoot is founded by Thomas Nuppnau, who is also taking care of the daily administration of the company.


Get the app for either iOS or Android.